Will You Come for a Sleepover?

Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder & Alex de Wolf
$ 4.99 - € 3.99 - £ 2.99 (iPad)

It was a lovely spring morning.Mouse had polished her cheeks and combed her tail, she had just baked some delicious biscuitsand now she was about to sit down with the animal newspaper.

In the animal newspaper, Mouse read about a colouring competition to win a bed. Mouse set straight to work colouring and was delighted when she won first prize! But, oh dear, as soon as she crept under the covers she discovered that the bed was far too big for her. So she asked Dimbo the Badger to come and stay. And Dimbo brought some friends along too. That night all of the animals crept into the big bed. But there was a surprise in store for Mouse...