Q & A

How does the bookshelf app work?
The app can be used as a bookshelf as well as a bookstore. In the upper half of the screen you will find the Lite version of 'The Competition' and the books you have purchased through the app. The lower half is the bookstore, in which you will find all available titles. Other books and discounts are visible in the app and you will be notified about new books by means of alerts. These alerts can be turned off via the link ‘alerts’ in settings> apps> Piccolo.

I bought a book, but it doesn’t show in the bookcase.
In order to install a new book, a Wi-Fi connection is needed. Please check your connection via settings: > General> Network. The app will re-load as soon as a Wi-Fi connection is established. Books that have already been purchased obviously do not need to be paid for again.

I bought a book, but it is not displayed within my bookshelf.
Apple remembers every purchase you have made and will not charge you again. You can download the book without being re-charged for it.

Do I need an Internet connection to use this app?
To read the books you have purchased and installed no Internet connection is needed. It is necessary, however, to establish a Wi-Fi connection for purchasing and installing a new book.

There is only one book in the bookcase
The app comes with the free Lite version of 'The Competition'. This is not the complete edition of the book, but serves as a trial. The complete version of 'The Competition' can be purchased in the bookstore.

There are few books in the bookstore
The bookstore currently has 20 Piccolo Picture Books available. The bookshelf app alerts will inform you of each new book. Notifications can be turned off and on via settings> apps> Piccolo.

In how many languages are the app and the books available?
The app and all books can be used in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. Switching between languages is easy.

What do the books cost in the new bookcase app?
The price for a Piccolo Picture Book for iPad will remain the same: € 3.99 / $ 4.99 / £ 2.99. Keep up to date on news, offers, and previews via messages from the book app, or through Twitter and Facebook.

Why do I find other apps from Piccolo Picture Books in the AppStore, separate from the bookcase?
In addition to the bookshelf app, five separate apps are available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The five first titles are still available for some time as a separate iPhone app.

Are Piccolo Picture Books also available for iPhone?
Yes, there are five books available for iPhone and iPod Touch, which can be found on the Piccolo Picture Books developer page in the iTunes store or by clicking here for an overview of all available apps. The bookcase app is not available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

I already have a Piccolo Picture Book for the iPad, can I place it in the bookcase?
No, these Piccolo apps cannot be used in the bookcase. Only new books can be purchased and used through the Piccolo Picture Book bookcase app.

How do I get informed about new titles?
Through the bookcase app you are notified about new books by means of alerts. These alerts can be turned off through settings> apps> Piccolo. Stay up to date with news, offers, and previews via alerts from the book app, or by following @PiccoloApps on Twitter or liking the Piccolo Picture Books page on Facebook.

I would like to give somebody the Piccolo application and books as a gift. How does it work?
The Piccolo app itself is free. The books are purchased within the app, as a so-called 'in-app purchase'. It is possible to give an iTunes gift voucher as a present, allowing the recipient to increase their balance in iTunes with the amount on the gift voucher. He/she can then purchase Piccolo books with your credit.

iTunes vouchers are available from 10 euros up and for sale in iTunes. The recipient receives a unique code, which he/she can redeem in iTunes. The credit is added to the balance immediately.

Note: In addition to the iTunes vouchers, there are also gift vouchers issued by a number of Apple Premium Resellers. These vouchers can only be redeemed at participating (physical) stores, not from the iTunes Store.

Are Piccolo Picture Books also available for Android?
No, not yet. At this point, the Piccolo Picture Books are only available for Apple devices.

What is a promocode and how do I redeem it?
With a promocode you can download a book onto your bookshelf for free. Promocodes are distributed at events and through promotions in the media. If you would like to use a promocode to review one or more of the books, please send requests to info@piccolopicturebooks.com.

I have an idea, question or complaint, how can I contact Piccolo Picture Books?
We appreciate your input! Email us at: info@piccolopicturebooks.com